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Required and Recommended Textbooks: On Campus / Hyflex: Welcome

2024 booklists for on campus (Invercargill) and hyflex courses.

Important information about the booklists

The on campus / hyflex booklists are separated by subject and then by paper code.  

If the paper code is not listed, there are no required or recommended textbooks.  

On campus refers to courses taught at the Invercargill campus.  Hyflex refers to blended delivery of courses.

Most textbooks are available to purchase as a physical copy or ebook.  Choose the format that best suits your needs.


For any questions about your studies contact:

Course Enquiry Team

SIT Phone: 0800 403 337



How to read the booklist information...

This example explains how to navigate the booklists.  Please enter the booklists to view up-to-date lists of required and recommended textbooks.


What is the difference between required and recommended textbooks?

Required textbooks are used extensively for the paper and must be purchased.

Recommended textbooks are identified as useful for your study but purchase is optional.


Borrowing textbooks from the SIT Library...

Items borrowed from the library are for a 2 week loan period initially and it is recommended that you purchase required textbooks.  Library items and ebooks can only be borrowed once you are fully enrolled.


Purchasing textbooks through the SIT Bookshop...

Click the SIT Bookshop link below for more information on ordering books and second-hand books.

SIT Bookshop


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SIT Bookshop : Heather Botting
Main Campus Library (D Block) upstairs
03 2112 693


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Anita Thomson-Hopwood
DD: 03 9482860 or 0800 40 3337 #4