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Required and Recommended Textbooks: SIT2LRN: Applied Management, Project Management & Health and Safety (Degrees, Graduate Diplomas & Graduate Certificates)

2023 booklists for SIT2LRN distance courses.

Required textbooks are used extensively for the paper and must be purchased.

Recommended textbooks are identified as useful for your study but purchase is optional.


While a suggested purchase option is provided, you can purchase a physical copy or ebook from a variety of online providers e.g. Amazon, Book Depository, publishers' websites and many others.  If you have any questions on where/how to purchase a required or recommended textbook contact the SIT Bookshop (contact details are on the Welcome page).

Level 500 Required Textbooks

Level 600 Required Textbooks

This required textbook may change.  Check closer to the start date of your course.

This required textbook (New Zealand agriculture: An economic perspective) may change.  Check closer to the start date of your course.

Level 700 Required Textbooks














Level 600 Recommended Textbooks

Level 700 Recommended Textbooks